Encouragement Pages-07/20/2020, Regaining Focus (Part 1)

Eyes on your own paper.

Keep your focus this week as plan, research and build the world of your imagination from your dreams.

Nothing about this will be easy! But it is a far better thing to start, than to never begin!

Get to it.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-01/10/2020

The WIP.

Work in Progress.

The thing about about a WIP, any WIP, is that it will take time. You have to understand that writing is done in *3 parts:

1.) Inspiration

2.) Researching/Development

3.) Producing

The writing is both art and process. Do not shy away from the process. The process is where all the good stuff is; get to the good stuff.

With Love & Ink,


*Look for this as a miniseries. Soon.