Encouragement Pages-04/16/2021

Celebrate the start.

Celebrate the finish.

Celebrate that you started again.

Celebrate that you didn’t stop.

Celebrate that you believed enough in yourself to do it all over again.


With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-03/26/2021

Stir up your gifts one word as a time.

Write the things which need to be seen, and see them two-fold: As they are and as you hope them to be. This is the labor and justice of writing.

Do justice to your writing by doing just that.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-08/28/2020

For the good of your imagination, begin to be grateful.

Gratitude is a super power for all those in the arts! Remember to be grateful for the time, the space, the gifts you house, and even the people whom support you in all you endeavors.

Be grateful for the people that follow you on your socials, and those whom will. The simple act of being grateful will enable you to stay in that creative space so much longer.

With Love & Ink,