Encouragement Pages-01/04/2021

Your word for this day: BEGIN.

I want you to realize just how important your voice and talent is. I want you to remember your pen is yours, and that the story you want to tell, can only be told by you.

Get to it.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages-09/14/2020- Begging For Support

Let me give you a Pro-tip: STOP IT.

Stop begging for support from people. Stop begging for people to read your work. Stop begging people to follow your space, your platform and what dope matter of magical amazing you are creating in your mind.

Make today, the absolute last day you beg for it.

Celebrate the people that support you, who don’t question why it is you write, how your write, and what you write about.

First and foremost, you write for you first.

You are your first fan.

With Love & Ink,