Encouragement Pages-09/07/2020

Believe in yourself.

Write because you believe in yourself.

Block out the naysayers.

Ignore the unbelieving.

Believe the words you have on the inside of you. The stories are there. The talent is within you. Don’t ignore the stories yet to be told.

You can. You shall. You will.

With Love & Ink,


Encouragement Pages: 06/14/2019: Push It

There is a power in writing what people don’t expect. There is a joy in writing what you think people aren’t prepared for. There is a power in shocking an new or dedicated audience!

Writing is the coolest adventure you will ever undertake. But in that power, I want you to resist the urge to write safely. I want you to embrace all that your writing ability grants! I want you to be able to be confident in your journey of writing. I want you to still behold the wonder of the worlds you create–and not be afraid to unlock (or destroy) them as necessary.

With Love & Ink,